Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boats and God Make Me Happy

So I went to Jesus camp.  Oh yes I did.  But not the stereotypical Jesus camp, but something much, much better.  I went to a place where outside troubles we're simply that: outside. Where fellow campers were not strangers, not merely friends, but after a day, family.  A place where mornings were not when you got up, but when you finally lay down to sleep.  Yep, our program was designed with a flipped schedule, stay up all night, sleep all day.  Did you know that pizza tastes it's absolute finest at 3 am? And that 10pm-1am is the perfect window for zip-lining?  I can sense the jealousy in you're thoughts.

The camp was on a river, and that's where the boats come in.  I've always loved being on a boat, a speed boat especially, but this time was different.  I was completely free of any worries, and my eyes were open to observe creation's beauty.  As we sped along the water and I gazed upon the vast orange sky, I found myself thinking the exact phrase "I never want to leave."

Needless to say, it was an amazing experience.  I was surrounded by God's love like never before.  I was so at peace there, so at home.  I've noticed that this summer, God has granted me peace.  And compared to the stress I put myself under during the school year, it's a drastic improvement.  I pray that I may continue possessing this peace into the new school year, but I'm fine with the summer being stretched as far as possible!

So, where's a place you would stay forever? 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh Literature....

I do two things when I get upset--sleep, or write.  Both never produce much, except for an improvement in my mood and maybe a few scribbled pages of angst, but this time was different.  I wrote the piece below when I was frustrated, and it ended up taking an unexpected turn, for the better, ending on a much lighter note. I hope you find something you can connect with :)

Stop. No one gave you permission to play with my feelings.  In fact, I'm the only one even capable of giving you such permission, and this I do not recall.  Yes, I'm talking to you old friend, whose sudden reappearance on Facebook reignites old scars buried deep.  The beginning of tears well up in my eyes. I blink them back.  No, not today.  I'm also addressing you, media, with your rampant rom-coms and make out scenes, romances that create a restless yearning in my chest despite their staged quality.  And you literature.  Mere words should not possibly have the power to make me angry to the point of screaming, confused to the point of pondering in silence for hours.  Yes, literature is the cruelest form of art.  The writer knows exactly the kind of pain he inflicts on his reader, but willingly writes on.  And the reader knows exactly the kind of pain he inflicts upon himself, but willingly reads on.  So maybe I did give you permission, literature, but that doesn't mean you're not screwing me over.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Diction Daydream- A Poem

Diction Daydream

The sun on my back,

The wind on my skin,

Waiting for words to sprout from within.

For unspoken beauty,

I scavenge my mind,

Praying it’s something of worth that I find.

I know that they’re in there,

These words for which I plea,

Yet the challenge of writing

Is setting them free.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Sounds

In order to keep you in suspense (actually because my power is out and Wi-Fi time limited) I will save Addictive Emotions Part II for a later post.  For now enjoy some poetic rambling.

The symphony of summer dances in the air.
Flashes from fireflies keeping time,
as birds chirp the the melody.

Wet warmth embraces you from all sides,
like an armor protects you from cool reality.
Nothing else exists except the night,
the crickets,
the laughter.

Your helmet of humidity blocks all thoughts of tommorow,
leaving you in peace to savor the moment.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Addictive Emotions Part I

     Anger, love, triumph, and security. Each of these emotions, and a couple more, reach so many areas of our thoughts that a certain euphoria surrounds them. Our minds and our hearts are exercised fully when experiencing these feelings, creating an energy about us that doesn't occur every day. We crave anger. We long for love. We strive for triumph, and we seek security. These natural thirsts affect almost everything we do. 
     Everyone has been at the point where they've been angry about something, but then want to finish and move on.  Yet when one reaches down into one's self, preparing to let go, attempting to forgive and forget, one hits a boundary; the choice between clinging to the rich, satisfying anger or sacrificing the bitterness for peace.  Sometimes peace seems boring, and one feels they have the right to stay bitter and scowl, because it's simply desirable.  It seems human nature has developed a taste for grudges, and it's hard to resist the craving.
     Tons of actions are rooted in the desire for love.  To be loved, to fall in love, to give love.  All a child wants is for their parents to love them.  The only reason romance is popular in entertainment is because a love story identifies  and draws on our own desires, and kittens just flat out demand love from us, and if we secretly want to give them our love, then I guess that's just another reason to get one.  So one really cannot deny love's effect on our actions.     
~ Stay Tuned for Triumph and Security! ~

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guess What!??

Design Cred : Aaron Jay via Threadless

So, I just found the list I made of all the things I intended to blog/write about but never did.  And without school sucking every ounce of free writing time from my life, I can now fulfill those intentions and make dreams come true!! So expect more posts. Even if few people read the posts, I am still writing and doing what I love, and practicing so I can improve. I fell in love with the design above, so I hope you love it as much as I do. But really I just put it there to make the post more interesting.  I hope I succeeded. (Woah, no way, I just checked spelling and spelled succeeded correctly, first try! Mini-win for the day.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Poetry Snipet

An Unfinished, Untitled Poem (or lack thereof)

Tired form a journey of self exploration
Each new discovery requiring more explanation
A never ending road of thought and speculation
The only limits set by your imagination